Greeting from Antonio Boccia: 5 years of appointment as World Coordinator.

A dear greeting

Video-saluto Antonio

I, too, make my contribution to the theme of REMEMBERING by sharing with you a date: October28, 2018.

Late that night, the Rector Major appointed me World Coordinator of the Association of Salesian Cooperators. It was a long night because Fr Angel was at the Vatican, at the conclusion of the Youth Synod, and we were awaiting his arrival for the conclusion of the 5th World Congress.

In the spirit of reminiscing, I share some significant traits that I have experienced over these five years, without keeping any real chronological order, but highlighting some aspects that have characterised my service.

The commitment I made on the evening of 28 October, and picking up a few pointers, was to give greater visibility to the Association, adopting the communication tools of the third millennium, and above all trying to be as present as possible alongside the Councilors.

I learnt to disentangle time differences in order to be able to communicate with them.

The use of these techniques allowed greater contact between the councilors to quickly share ideas, suggestions, questions, and anything else everyone considered important for their service.

The contribution of the renewed way of conducting SEM work was important.

The climate of familiarity within the Council was fundamental in overcoming the drama of the pandemic that also affected some of us.

Being able to meet by videoconference allowed us to overcome moments of isolation due to not being able to meet in person at our annual meeting as well as not being able to hold Regional Congresses.

This commitment of the Council to maintain contact with all those to whom it was possible has served to give confidence and hope to the Salesian Cooperators in the various parts of the world.

Also important is the Maiorano Project which, as an instrument of Animation of Economic Solidarity at the disposal of the World Council, continues to finance projects related to our mission as lay people.

In the last two years, on the occasion of the Regional Congresses, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world visiting the regions of our Association, getting to know the different realities in which the Salesian Cooperators are present, receiving from everyone signs of sincere affection.

I conclude by stating, as an eyewitness, that the Association of Salesian Cooperators has grown a great deal in the awareness of being an expression of Salesian laity in the Church, just as Don Bosco dreamed of us.

As we walk towards the World Congress of 2026, other novelties await us, but they concern the future we can build if we look back to our roots. Now let us concentrate on remembering.

A big hug to you, all, thank you for your support over these five years.