In order to speak in a correct manner regarding economic solidarity, we need to consider it from God’s point of view.

Looking at economic solidarity with God’s eyes also means that we need to add in a new accounting principle – that of entrusting ourselves to God!

It is necessary, therefore, to apply this principle when drafting our financial statements.  When considering it with this vision, we discover that the first entry under income on the statement will always be “Divine Providence” and the first expenditure will always be “Mercy”; otherwise, we will fall into the error of “wanting to make too many calculations” and, as Don Bosco teaches us, “when man mixes himself in these matters, God retreats.”

All the above derives from the fact that the Association of Salesian Cooperators was created for the salvation of souls – to contribute to the salvation of the souls of the young who walk beside us.

The Salesian Cooperators are bearers of a charism which is much greater than just being bearers of social and human values; therefore, economic solidarity must represent one means by which we can be bearers of a charism, with the full understanding that all of us Salesian Cooperators have chosen Christ, in the style of Don Bosco.

This document must be read from this point of view so that it may help the Treasurers and all the Salesian Cooperators in their delicate task of economic solidarity.  The present work is the renewed and updated version of the preceding documents of economic solidarity which were drawn up by the World Treasurers of prior days.  Specifically: the first “Animating Economic Solidarity” document was drawn up in 1998 under the World Treasurer Oliviero Zoli and then revised under the care of World Treasurer Giorgio Signori in 2012.  Their precious labors contributed to the growth of the Association.  The fruits that we harvest today are also owed to those who preceded us in this mission, allowing us to continue to walk in the furrows they left behind.


Rome, October 25-28, 2018


Cinzia Arena

ASSCC World Treasurer

Draft “Animation of Economic Solidarity (ASE)”

Cover “Animation of Economic Solidarity (ASE)”

Documents that were on this page (Economic Solidarity; To animate Solidarity Economic; Guidelines for the leadership of the Association of Salesian Cooperators) are now Archive.