The changes that contemporary society has undergone in the latter are clearly visible.

These difficulties must also represent opportunities for growth for everyone from a personal point of view and for the whole Association, to the extent that we will be able to revive the network of relationships that have “dormant” in this period.

We will have to share experiences, raise awareness that the Association, in addition to the local Center, has a provincial, regional, global scope to give tranquility, trust and increase the sense of belonging.

It is time to think about a new profile of the Salesian Cooperator .

We cannot fail to take into account that these times are strongly influencing our personal, professional, family and associative lives.

I imagine a Salesian Cooperator who is more attentive to the common good , present and committed in the social sphere, with particular attention to the poor, families and young people.

That he re-appropriates the specificity of the Salesian as an educator. You become a bearer of enthusiasm and vitality in the Church, growing in the awareness of belonging to a Charismatic Family.

We must not wait for the emergency to end to activate these processes.

We must be protagonists in building the “Social Friendship” that Pope Francis indicates to us as the future if we want to live in a world that is more attentive to the needs of others.

Realize being “the good Samaritan” starting from situations of real need, privileging the areas of our mission.

In this time of difficulty in encounters, many have taken action by exploiting the new communication technologies to keep relationships with the greatest number of Salesian Cooperators alive.

These are tangible signs that a NEW SPRING has already begun for the Association of Salesian Cooperators and for the whole Salesian Family.

Let us free all our Salesian creativity .

We become Leaders by activating processes of inclusive relationships that enhance all the Salesian Cooperators and the other Groups of the Salesian Family that are close to us.

We educate in economic solidarity as a tool for personal growth that strengthens our sense of belonging.

An epochal change is underway all over the world. Let us not be frightened by the sudden changes, but let us live this time as protagonists, sowing hope .

We have Our Lady of Don Bosco who does not leave us alone to face these times.

Happy Feast of the Help of Christians

Rome, May 24, 2021

Antonio Boccia
World Coordinator
Association of Salesian Cooperators