How to become a true Salesiani Cooperatori

EAO-SA Webinar 30-1-2021

First formation online seminar (webinar) for Salesian Cooperators, organized jointly by World Councillors of East Asia Oceania and South Asia regions, with registered participants 220 at a fee of one Euro (1€) per person to be collected by the respective World Councillor towards economic solidarity for the world level projects.
About the speaker: Raúl Fernández, World Councillor for Formation, was one of the three nominated members for Rector Major’s selection at the World Congress in 2018. He is living in Madrid Spain and has been serving the Iberia Region for many years. At the 2019 World Council, he was elected as World Councillor for Formation.

Programme and materials (click here to download):

The organizers Antuvan and Philip would like to thank all people contributing to the success of this first webinar.

  • Translators: Gaia CLARA (Spanish), Thomas LEE Yang Sang (Korean), Dominic LIM (Thai), Izumi SAKURA (Japanese), Maria Isabel Alda da SILVA (Tetum/Timorese), Sr. Cecilia TSE (Cantonese), Fr. Noel VILAFUERTE (Bahasa/Indonesian), and Fr. Eugene XALXO (Khmer/Cambodian)
  • ZOOM operation: Gabrielle Lo, William Yiu and Jonas Rivera
  • ZOOM license: Br. Dominic Duc Nam NGUYEN
  • Coach: Fr. Vaclav Klement

Wish you all Happy Feast of Don Bosco!