I greet Sister Leslye Sandigo

Dear Sister Leslye,
I want to share the feelings of these hours with you.
You and I had already spoken several months ago about the end of your obedience as a Delegate, but in my heart I wanted this to happen as late as possible.
Those who live in the Salesian world know that there is always the possibility of a change at all levels.
End of mandate for some, new mandates for others, both lay and consecrated.
There are communities, centres, councils that live the joy for a new arrival, other ones that experience the sadness for the departure of those who leave.
There are human reactions, understandable, because we live together, share more or less beautiful experiences concerning consciences, the faith.
Such an intimate dimension where, living within the Association, we meet God, we help each other to go on, and if then a presence like you, dear Sr. Leslye, helps you understand how to see this Presence, not always evident, because with eyes as humans we are not always able to see as with the eyes of faith, then, when this person goes away, one feels bad.
But beautiful memories of what we did together, of the support that you gave to the Association as well as to me personally, are stronger than the veiled sadness of parting. We are certain that the Lord does not do things by chance or to make people suffer, but that he uses everyone for the good of all. I am sure that where the Lord is thinking for your future you will do well as you did it among us. I share my feelings and those ones of the whole World Council, and thank you for the time you have given us without reservation, and assure you of support with prayer by asking Mary Help of Christians to always support you. My fraternal embrace with sincere fraternal love.

The World Coordinator
Antonio Boccia

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