ASSCC 2019 World Council

attached the timetable of the days we will live together on the occasion of the World Council.
I’m glad to give you some information on how the work will take place.
1. The Council as a moment of personal and community formation
On the mornings of the four days they were given themes of reflection that are inspired by the Lines of Commitment for the next six years. Don Casti will lead us on a path of reflection between what emerged at the Congress and the final document of the Synod.
On what we listen to we will have the opportunity to reflect personally and communally.
2. The Council as a moment of verification and planning.
In the afternoon of each day we will work thinking about how to orientate the whole Association and what commitment we take on as a Council for the next six years. The first day we will have the gift of the presence of the Rector Major with us.
3. The Council as a moment of confrontation and sharing
In the second part of the afternoon, before the Eucharistic celebration, everyone will have the opportunity to share, wait, questions, experiences, problems, joys and everything that happens in the Regions and can make us grow as Salesian Cooperators called to carry out this animation service for the whole Association.
4. The Council as a moment of joy and Salesian joy
Friday night we will spend, after dinner, there will be an evening in joy. For this moment I ask you to bring typical products of your countries of origin to share together. On Saturday we will visit the Catacombs of San Callisto.
I wait for you full of enthusiasm as always. I recommend World Councilors protagonists.
I ask you once again to apologize for the quality of my translations …
A hug

Photo Day 13/03/2019
Photo Day 14/03/2019