I am an elderly former delegate. I am no longer with you, but I still love you very dearly. And how couldn’t I love you, who plunge your own roots in the heart of our common Father Don Bosco?

Years have gone by, decades have stored up (and even centuries…) and Don Bosco is always the “Great Friend”… of young people? Yes, certainly, but not only theirs. He is the friend of those who “have been young”, and particularly of those who want to give themselves to young people.

His gift is indeed youthfulness of heart.

To bring into the world youth means bringing always a transforming energy, that joy that is rooted in the presence of the risen Christ, persistent even amid difficulties and sufferings of life.

A hundred and forty years have passed for your Association, and you are at the beginning of a new journey. May it be a journey of gospel youth.

With affectionate friendship

Sister Maria Collino

Delegata Mondiale 1988 – 1998